Program Focus

1. Church Engagement

Mercy Trust believes that development cannot take place at community level without church engagement. We engage local churches in all projects for community development. We provide local churches with capacity building support for leadership development and technical assistance for organizational development through Church and Community Transformation (CCT), integral mission and holistic development approaches. Institutional strengthening of local churches enables them to carry out their activities for kingdom building efficiently and effectively.

2. Youth and Women Empowerment

Mercy Trust works for development of youth through different development interventions that include discipleship program, awareness creation on social issues, internship program, career counseling, scholarship program, micro businesses and enterprise development, technical and vocational skills, sports and recreational activities. Mercy Trust strongly believes in recognizing and supporting the contribution of women in social and economic development of the country. We provide equal opportunities to women and girls for jobs, capacity building, vocational and technical skills and economic wellbeing. We also ensure equal participation of women in all programs, projects and activities of the organization to empower them for building a healthy balanced community and society at large.

3. Disaster Relief and Reduction

Geographically, Pakistan is located in the area which is prone to a number of natural disasters. The country faces different disasters from droughts to flood to earthquakes and cyclones due to its diverse range of terrain. The country faced major droughts, earthquakes and floods in 2000, 2005 and 2010. Currently, the world is facing a global disaster of COVID-19 Pandemic and Pakistan being a third world country is more vulnerable to COVID-19 Pandemic than first world countries. The whole country regularly experiences different natural and manmade disasters every year. Mercy Trust provides relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction services in manmade and natural disasters. We provide following services during emergencies:
• Relief and Immediate Assistance
• Psychosocial and Trauma Counseling
• Health Services
• Cash for Work
• Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)
• Rehabilitation and Reconstruction
• Disaster Preparedness

Our Services In Emergencies

We provide following services during emergencies:


Relief and Immediate Assistance


Psychosocial and Trauma Counseling


Disaster Relief and Reduction


Health Services


Cash for Work


Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)


Rehabilitation and Reconstruction


Disaster Preparedness